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Self Care blogs are on the website in order to help Haynes Chiropractic patients live a healthy and active life.

Furthermore, Dr. Haynes is incredibly passionate about empowering each patient with the knowledge and resources to take control of their health and wellness.

Dr. Haynes provides patients of all ages with non-surgical solutions to healing pain and injury and has been doing so since he began.

Dr. Haynes utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and various treatment therapies to provide appropriate care to each and every patient.

The amazing care provided by Dr. Haynes since he opened his practice is what makes him one of the most sought after chiropractors in Bakersfield, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Please read some of our self-care blogs.

Self Care Blog

upper spine


By Jeffrey Haynes

Describing a range of injuries to the neck caused by or related to a sudden distortion of the neck. Cervical acceleration-deceleration” (CAD) describes the mechanism of the injury, while the term “whiplash associated disorders” (WAD) describes the injury and symptoms.

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Sports Injuries

By Jeffrey Haynes

Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities. They can result from acute trauma, or from overuse of a particular body part.

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By Jeffrey Haynes

Nearly 15% of people who make chiropractic visits do so because they suffer from migraines and chronic headaches. During a given year, 90% of people suffer from headaches. Only 1% of headaches seen in the ER have any serious underlying problem. Most reported headaches are caused by tension. Pain can range from mild throbbing pain…

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By Jeffrey Haynes

Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease that is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density and that leads to an increased risk of fracture. In osteoporosis, the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced, bone microarchitecture deteriorates, and the amount and variety of proteins in bone are altered.

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