A Stable Core

What does your core mean to you? For many people, “the core,” refers to an ambiguous group of muscles in the middle of the body that can be turned into a six-pack with enough crunches. In reality, the core is a complex network of muscle groups that influence almost every single movement you may perform during the day. There are three main functions of the core, as we see it:

  • Commence movement
  • Limit and stabilize movement
  • Transfer forces across the body

At Haynes Chiropractic, we focus on the last 2 as the essential functions of the core to help people with back pain improve their symptoms. To this end, we try to establish the core as a stabilizer: boosting its ability to control the forces we produce rather than producing forces which is what you will get with a six-pack. A healthy core can be used to share the burden of the upper body’s weight with the intervertebral discs and protect the spine and its surrounding muscles from damage done by extreme movement. 

The core can be used for a lot more than just looking good. Let us help you use your core to improve back pain symptoms and actually prevent them. Crunches are good for toning, but exercises such as planks, side-planks and bridges are better for establishing the core as a stabilizer. Call our office in Bakersfield to schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Jeff Haynes, D.C. 

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