Athletic Performance Part 2

Regardless of your chosen sport, chiropractic can help keep your body in conducive shape for growing muscle, increasing stamina and avoiding injury. For competitors in high-impact, low-impact and no-impact sports, we can help ensure that your biomechanics are sound so that you can retain your maximum possible athletic advantage. Regular chiropractic helps to: 

  • Maintain range of motion, by contributing to more flexibility
  • Improve reaction times 
  • Improve pulmonary and respiratory functions
  • Naturally increases energy levels
  • Regulates the nervous system 
  • Improves immune function
  • Focus on relieving muscle tension build-up, inflammation and break up scar tissue. 

High-impact sports have been shown to deal as much damage to the human body as automobile collisions, and at a much higher rate of repetition. As a result, vertebrae are regularly out of alignment and muscles are strained, making it hard to avoid injury, let alone reach your peak performance levels. For low-impact athletes, chiropractic helps to reduce your vulnerability to injury, especially those sustained from twisting motions. At Haynes Chiropractic, our services act as an augment to the athlete:  we specialize in keeping your body resistant to injury during activity, and in receptive shape for regrowing muscle and rebounding between workouts. 

Dr. Jeff Haynes, D.C. 

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