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Stretching in the Workplace

Can you dedicate a few minutes out of every hour to keeping your body limber and inoculated against the worries of the workplace? It keeps your body free from the distraction of the pain, and increases circulation to all parts of the body including the brain, making you a more productive you. Whether its work or relaxation which has you dedicating your time to sitting, throwing in a stretch every now and again is the greatest way to ward off muscle tension and headaches.

Simple stretches include: 

  • Shrugging your shoulders. Give them a wriggle and get creative: it’s all about the movement to defeat stagnation. 
  • Put one leg over the other and gently twist in the opposing direction. Chances are you will feel this one all over: from core to hamstring, upper back and neck this stretch is a great reliever. Hold it for as long as feels comfortable, then repeat in the opposite manner. 
  • Clasp your hands together in front of you with arms fully extended and palms facing outward. Stretch by pushing your fingers against the back of your hands. 
  • Stretch the neck: ear down to shoulder, chin to chest, and looking up at the sky. Do all these gently and stop while you are still comfortable. 

These stretches barely take any time at all, but your body will thank you. Chiropractic is all about optimization, and that is why stretching in the workplace is so exciting. It is a microcosmic example of how the littlest factors can make the biggest difference in your health plan. For achieving spinal balance throughout all phases of the day, give our office a call. 

Dr. Jeff Haynes, D.C. 

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