Tennis Elbow

‘Tennis elbow’ is most common in adults age 30-50 and you don’t necessarily have to play tennis to get it. In fact, only 5% of tennis players actually suffer from it.

The cause of tennis elbow is repetitive use of the forearm extensor muscles. This is even more likely when the muscle were not extensively used prior. Any repeated use of the forearm and wrist can cause this condition, whether it’s through sporting or regular household activities.

Basic chiropractic adjustments may be all a patient needs to treat their pain. Ice, pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications may also be recommended to reduce pain and inflammation during the healing process.

If pain persists even after these treatments, a physical therapy plan may be recommended. Improper for and technique of a repetitious action may also be the culprit of the pain. A brace or forearm strap may be recommended. A physical therapist will work with your to determine what path is best for you.


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